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What We Do

Writing, Brand Consulting and Content Marketing services for small businesses and ad agencies.

We help brands express themselves™ by creating authentic Brand Voices & Personalities. We  develop brand strategies, content marketing and writing that has an impact and propels action baby!

  • Writing/Brand Communications: The right copy earns Beehive-esque advocates. Complex or boring copy makes your audience avoid you like cigarette smoke.
  • ConsultingThe problem with being the boss is that, you are not your target market. Our consulting helps you discover your Brand Voice and change your mind so you can become agile. A dual advocate for your business and for your customer.
  • Content marketing: Drive the conversation, be impactful.

The Process

Initial Contact

Take a moment to complete the Project Overview form. A representative will reach out to you to discuss your needs and budget. If it seems we are a good fit for you, we will schedule a chat via Skype or Telephone.


After the chat, i’ll provide a Service Quote. All quotes  vary per unique assignment and are given as a flat, per project fee. No surprise pricing.

Research & Planning

Before writing, comes the prep. I prep by compiling research if not already provided, and creating an outline including a theme, key messages  and a features benefits analysis.

Revisions & Final Copy

Every writer has an editor and every editor is edited. The point? I write, take a break away from the documents, edit and edit a final time before submitting the first draft.

Who We Work With

Who we work with

We work with passionate, FUN, dedicated people whose work is making a difference, improving lifestyles or creating ethical entertainment including:

  • Startups
  • Public figures
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Restaurants
  • Creative Agencies
  • Publicists
  • Digital Marketers
  • Lifestyle Brands

Why Choose Us?

Having your brand voice and personality defined is the starting point to doing big ol’ authentic business!

We focus on your brand’s point of view and the unique voice only it can communicate in. That means we say no, to a wholelotta projects that don’t need our particular brand of moxi.

Time is invaluable. So we focus our time on earning devoted advocates for brands we believe in.

Whether you need consulting services  to find your way through OR UN-boring writing for effective brand communications, we can help your business express itself.

Your Brand’s Voice is the tone of your communication & the style of your writing and content. 

We turn ideas, concepts and business expertise into a Brand VOICE people give a rabbit’s toe about listening to!

The skinny on our Founder & CEO

Mys (rhymes with bliss-) Palmer-

I’m, a brand communications expert, shower singer, word maker-upper and all around moixified person! I’m also a hybrid-born in NY, raised there and California- so I’m tough but adaptable and bubbly. And if there were an ice cream diet, I’d so be on it.

My writing career started at the ripe age of 18, with a magazine article and writing resumes. When I realized I had a passion for telling the story of small businesses I began copywriting. ‘Bout 7 years ago, I began consulting small businesses on how to Discover Your Voice™.

I’ve spent 11 years in this industry creating UN-boring conversations,specializing in online presences, internal communications and advertising.

I LOVE small business!!! And have had the true privilege to work for fortune 500 companies which helped me learn how small businesses can do BIG business, big profits and stay authentic.

Let’s Do This!

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